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DRAMBORA: Project Team

The DRAMBORA Project Team DCC and DPE

HATII at the University of Glasgow
Andrew McHugh, Innovative R & D Manager
Perla Innocenti, Preservation Researcher
Martin Donnelly, e-Science Liaison Support Officer

Nationaal Archief Netherlands
Hans Hofman, Senior advisor on digital longevity
Raivo Ruusalepp, Coordinator of DPE WP4

University of Toronto
Prof. Seamus Ross, Dean and Professor, Faculty of Information

For more details on the DRAMBORA project team, see the DigitalPreservationEurope and Digital Curation Centre staff directories.

DRAMBORA Management Board
Hans Hofman, National Archives of Netherlands
Perla Innocenti, HATII University of Glasgow
Andrew McHugh, HATII University of Glasgow
Prof Seamus Ross, University of Toronto and HATII University of Glasgow
Raivo Ruuselepp, Estonian Business Archives


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