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StudentClassPressShelfNumberBook NameProfessor(s)Date LentDate ReturnedRegister / pageLibrary LinkAuthorTitleEditorShelfmarkESTC Link
W.m Linn Theolo CC311Burnet on the 39 Articles Mr Leechman 29 Dec 1760 15 Jan 1761 Register 3 page 9rViewBurnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715. An exposition of the Thirty-nine articles of the Church of England Sp Coll Bf71-a.18   View
Robt Muter Theolo CF49Clark on the Attributes Mr Moor 11 Feb 1761 11 Mar 1761 Register 3 page 12vViewClarke, Samuel, 1675-1729. A discourse concerning the being and attributes of God, the obligations of natural religion, and the truth and certainty of the Christian revelation. In answer to Mr. Hobbs, Spinoza, the author of The Oracles of Reason, and other deniers of natural and revealed religion. : Being sixteen sermons, preach'd in the cathedral-church of St. Paul, in the years 1704, and 1705, at the lecture founded by the honourable Robert Boyle, Esq.  Sp Coll RB 3330 View
Ja.s Malcom Theolo AZ71.st<Philosophical Transactions vol 1 & 2d 1 Mr Smith , Mr Clow , Mr Moor 25 Feb 1761 2 Mar 1761 Register 3 page 13vViewRoyal Society of London. Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Sp Coll Co.1.1-22 View
Charles Wilson Theolo CM51Ainsworth's Dictionary Mr Simson 28 Nov 1761 8 Dec 1761 Register 3 page 19vViewAinsworth, Robert, 1660-1743. [A dictionary English-Latin and Latin-English] / [Ainsworth]. Sp Coll Bk8-f.6 View
Joseph Little Theolo Z52Butlers Analogy Mr Clow 19 Nov 1762 3 Dec 1762 Register 3 page 27rViewButler, Joseph, 1692-1752. The analogy of religion, natural and revealed, to the constitution and course of nature. To which are added two brief dissertations: I. Of personal identity. II. Of the nature of virtue. Sp Coll Bi10-e.17   View
Patr Mcvean Theolo AP45Atterbur'y Serm vol 2d Mr Traill 25 Jan 1764 31 Jan 1764 Register 3 page 37rViewAtterbury, Francis, 1662-1732. Sermons on several occasions Sp Coll Bl10-f.19,20 View
Michael Gilfillan Theolo CC23Stillingfleets Origines Sacrae Mr Cumin 9 Mar 1764 3 Apr 1764 Register 3 page 38vViewStillingfleet, Edward, 1635-1699. Origines sacrae: or, a rational account of the grounds of natural and reveal'd religion Sp Coll Bh8-d.12 View
John Riddock Theolo BC31Andrews Sermon's Mr Traill 22 Mar 1764 29 Mar 1764 Register 3 page 39rViewAndrews, George. Sermons upon the twelfth chapter of the Epistle of Paul the Apostle, to the Hebrews; wherein many heads of divinity and important cases of conscience, especially such as concern Christians in an afflicted condition, are succinctly and satisfyingly handled: being the substance of what was preached at Edinburgh upon that whole chapter: by the late Reverend Mr. George Andrews minister of the Gospel there¬† Sp Coll Robertson Bf62-e.8   View