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StudentClassPressShelfNumberBook NameProfessor(s)Date LentDate ReturnedRegister / pageLibrary LinkAuthorTitleEditorShelfmarkESTC Link
Hen: Stevenson Divin. AR58Bacons Life Mr Muirhead 12 Aug 1766 20 Nov 1766 Register 6 page 18vViewMallet, David, 1705?-1765. The life of Francis Bacon, Lord Chancellor of England Sp Coll Bl9-i.9 View
Hen: Stevenson Divin. AR43Life of Q. Mary Mr Muirhead 12 Aug 1766 20 Nov 1766 Register 6 page 18vViewBoisguilbert, P. Le Pesant de (Pierre Le Pesant), 1646-1714. The life of Mary Stewart, Queen of Scotland and France Freebairn, James, active 1725. Sp Coll Bm2-h.9 View
Hen: Stevenson Divin. AS51La Henriade de Voltaire Mr Muirhead 12 Aug 1766 12 Dec 1766 Register 6 page 18vVoltaire, 1694-1778. Henriade View
Hen: Stevenson Divin. AE1015Political Discourses by D. Home Mr Muirhead 12 Aug 1766 20 Nov 1766 Register 6 page 18vViewHume, David, 1711-1776. Political discourses Sp Coll Bm1-i.17   View
John Mason Divin. CF37Turretine (Fra) Vol 1.st Mr Clow 1 Dec 1766 23 Dec 1766 Register 6 page 24vViewTurrettini, François, 1623-1687. Institutio theologiae elencticae  Sp Coll Bn10-g.11-13 View
Willm Gordon Divin. CO25Bacons Works Vol 1.st Dr Traill 12 Jan 1767 15 Jan 1767 Register 6 page 29rViewBacon, Francis, 1561-1626. The works of Francis Bacon ... With several additional pieces, never before printed in any edition of his works. To which is prefixed, a new life of the author, by Mr. Mallet. Sp Coll Bf71-f.15-17. View
Arch. Arthur Divin. AT1117Les mœures des François Mr Cumin 13 Jan 1767 18 Mar 1767 Register 6 page 29rViewLe Gendre, Louis, Abbé. Les moeurs et coutumes des françois, dans les premiers tems de la monarchie. Précédés des Moeurs des anciens Germains, traduits du latin de C. Tacite, et d'une préface ... Sp Coll Bh2-i.19   View
Arch. Arthur Divin. AH66Universal Restitution Mr Cumin 10 Feb 1767 19 Feb 1767 Register 6 page 33vViewUniversal Restitution. Universal restitution a Scripture doctrine. This prov'd in several letters wrote on the nature and extent of Christ's kingdom: wherein the Scripture passages, falsly alleged in proof of the eternity of hell torments, are truly translated and explained. Sp Coll Bl9-i.14 View
W C. Cruikshank Divin. AB113Cotelogans Dictionary V. 1.st Dr Traill , Mr Muirhead , Dr Clow 3 Mar 1767 16 Apr 1767 Register 6 page 37rViewCoetlogon, Dennis de, M. D. An universal history of arts and sciences: or, A comprehensive illustration, definition, and description of all sciences, divine and human; and of all arts, liberal and mechanical... Sp Coll Bl10-a.5,6 View
Joseph Hodgson Divin. CD23Limborchi Theologia Mr Reid , Mr Clow , Mr Trail 3 Jan 1769 16 Jan 1769 Register 6 page 69rViewLimborch, Philipp van, 1633-1712. Theologia Christiana ad praxin pietatis ac promotionem pacis Christianae unice directa. Sp Coll Bh9-d.2 View