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DRAMBORA Interactive :: Problems

Are you experiencing problems?

If you are experiencing problems with DRAMBORA Interactive, it may be a result of compatibility issues between the software and your operating system or Web browser, or settings within the Web browser itself.

Below is a list of known issues, together with suggested workarounds. If you discover a problem that is not listed here, we'd like to hear about it (or any other suggestion) via

You may also like to look at the DRAMBORA Help page or the DRAMBORA Frequently Asked Questions page.

Problem Underlying Issue Suggested Workaround
Entities do not display DRAMBORA v1.0 does not run on a combination of IE8 browser and the Vista operating system Use the Mozilla Firefox browser (downloadable for free)
JavaScript is turned off DRAMBORA relies on JavaScript - make sure it is turned on in your browser
Entries do not display following a 'cut and paste' operation The DRAMBORA database uses the latin-1 character set, which cannot cope with some less common or non-standard characters. Examples include inverted commas and dashes automatically modified within Microsoft Word and accented characters. Before cutting and pasting, ensure that your content does not include characters likely to cause problems.

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