18th Century Borrowing

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StudentClassPressShelfNumberBook NameProfessor(s)Date LentDate ReturnedLibrary LinkAuthorTitleEditorShelfmarkESTC Link
Tho Waterman Greek Stat. Hall[blank][blank]Peregrine Pickle Vol. 2d Mr Muirhead 15 Mar 1765 12 Jun 1765 Smollett, T. (Tobias), 1721-1771. The adventures of Peregrine Pickle View
George Davidson Greek CR47Sales Alcoran Mr Moor 16 May 1765 29 May 1765 ViewSale, George, 1697?-1736. [The Koran, commonly called the Alcoran of Mohammed, translated, with notes, and a preliminary discourse, by George Sale, gent.]. Sp Coll Bn8-e.6   View
Jno Snodgrass Divinity Stationary[blank][blank]Letters concerning Mythology Dr Traill 16 May 1765 17 May 1765 ViewBlackwell, Thomas. Letters concerning mythology Sp Coll Bm9-g.6   View
James Trail [blank] B64Horatius in usum Delphini Mr Muirhead 21 May 1765 12 Jun 1765 ViewHorace. Opera. Interpretatione et notis illustravit Ludovicus Desprez ... in usum Delphini ... Sp Coll Bn10-g.19 View
Jno Snodgrass Divinity AR59Homes History of Jews 2 Vols Dr Traill 21 May 1765 5 Jun 1765 ViewHome, James. ... The Scripture history of the Jews, and their republick ... Interspers'd with remarks divine and moral ...   Sp Coll Bi2-h.5-6   View
Robt Robertson Greek Stat Hall[blank][blank]Leonora Vol 2d Mr Muirhead 22 May 1765 1 Jul 1765 ViewAnon. Leonora: or, characters drawn from real life. Containing a great variety of incidents, interspers'd with reflections moral and entertaining. Sp Coll Bk1-k.26-27 View
John Gillies Divinity AY73Wolfii Opera Vol 3d Dr Moor 22 May 1765 28 Jun 1765 Wolff, Christian, Freiherr von, 1679-1754. View
Pet: Miller Divinity Stat. Hall[blank][blank]? Fitzosbourne of Tragedies Fitzosbourns Letters Vol 2d Dr Traill 22 May 1765 12 Jun 1765 ViewMelmoth, William, 1710-1799. Letters on several subjects ... To which is added (translated by the same hand), a Dialogue upon oratory; attributed to Quinctilian  Sp Coll Bi9-g.3 View
William Wilson [blank] Stat. Hall[blank][blank]Frasers Kuli Khan Mr Muirhead 22 May 1765 29 May 1765 ViewFraser, James, active 1742. The history of Nadir Shah, formerly called Thamas Kuli Khan, the present emperor of Persia. To which is prefix'd a short history of the Moghul emperors. At the end is inserted a catalogue of about two hundred manuscripts in ... Oriental languages, collected in the East Sp Coll Bk1-h.6 View
Will: Craig for John Robertson [blank] X45Herodotus.                   X [blank] 22 May 1765 30 Aug 1765 Herodotus. View
Geo Jardine Divinity AG115Brugh on Human Nature                X [blank] 22 May 1765 18 Jun 1765 ViewBurgh, James. The dignity of human nature. Or, a brief account of the certain and established means of attaining the true end of our existence Sp Coll Bh5-e.9   View
Jno Snodgrass Divinity CO28Bacons Works Vol. 4 Dr Traill 27 May 1765 5 Jun 1765 ViewBacon, Francis, 1561-1626. The works of Francis Bacon ... With several additional pieces, never before printed in any edition of his works. To which is prefixed, a new life of the author, by Mr. Mallet. Sp Coll Bf71-f.15-17. View
John Tretjakoff Law CG29Grotius de jure belli & pacis Mr Millar 29 May 1765 12 Jun 1765 ViewGrotius, Hugo, 1583-1645. De jure belli ac pacis libri tres ... Cum annotatis auctoris, ejusdemque dissertatione de mari libero; ac libello singulari de aequitate, indulgentia, et facilitate: nec non Joann. Frid. Gronovii ... notis ... Editionem ... emendatissimam ... recensuit ... notulas ... addidit Joannes Barbeyrac ... Sp Coll Bk2-g.11   View
William Wilson [blank] Stat. Hall[blank][blank]History of the house of Commons [blank] 29 May 1765 1 Aug 1765 ViewChandler, Richard, -1747. The history and proceedings of the House of Commons from the Reformation to the present time... Illustrated with a great variety of historical and explanatory notes. Together with a large appendix... Sp Coll Bm9-h.5-10 View
X Geo: Jardine Divinity Stat. Hall[blank][blank]Fosters Sermons Vol. 3 X [blank] 29 May 1765 28 Jul 1765 ViewFoster, James, 1697-1753. Sermons on the following subjects... Sp Coll Bm10-h.22-23 View
George Davidson Greek AR64Rapins History Vol 5 Dr Moor 30 May 1765 12 Jun 1765 ViewRapin-Thoyras, Paul de, 1661-1725. The history of England [as well ecclesiastical as civil]. Sp Coll Bm2-g.1-18 View

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