18th Century Borrowing

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StudentClassPressShelfNumberBook NameProfessor(s)Date LentDate ReturnedLibrary LinkAuthorTitleEditorShelfmarkESTC Link
Alexr Jardine Theo: A812Arrian's Epictetus Mr Williamson 10 Dec 1762 27 Dec 1762 ViewEpictetus. Epicteti quae supersunt dissertationes ab Arriano collectae nec non Enchiridion et fragmenta Graecè et Latinè in duos tomos distributa cum integris Jacobi Schegkii et Hieronymi Wolfii selectisque aliorum doctorum annotationibus. Recensuit, notis et indice illustravit Joannes Uptonus. Upton, John, 1707-1760. Sp Coll Bk2-g.7-8 View
William Ogilvie Law K13x4Suplemts Cham: Dict: 2 vol folio Mr Trail 10 Dec 1762 23 May 1763 ViewChambers, Ephraim. Cyclopaedia: or, an universal dictionary of arts and sciences... Extracted from the best authors, dictionaries ... &c. in several languages.  Sp Coll Bl10-a.1-4 View
James Graham Theo C411Hammond on the Psalms Mr Trail 13 Dec 1762 25 Jan 1763 ViewHammond, Henry, 1605-1660. A paraphrase and annotations upon the books of the Psalms, briefly explaining the difficulties thereof. Sp Coll Bh9-d.12 View
Rob:t Henry Moral CM51Ainsworths Dictionay Mr Clow 13 Dec 1762 30 Dec 1762 ViewAinsworth, Robert, 1660-1743. [A dictionary English-Latin and Latin-English] / [Ainsworth]. Sp Coll Bk8-f.6 View
James Wilson Theo AR67.8Rapin's English His. 7.8 Mr Trail 15 Dec 1762 4 Jan 1763 ViewRapin-Thoyras, Paul de, 1661-1725. The history of England [as well ecclesiastical as civil]. Sp Coll Bm2-g.1-18 View
Robert Denovan Logick CD411Virgilius notis Servi 1st vol Mr Moor 15 Dec 1762 16 Dec 1762 ViewVirgil. Opera in tres tomos divisa, cum integris notis Servii Philargyrii, nec non J. Pierii variis lectionibus, et selectissimis plerisque commentariis ... aliorum. Quibus accedunt observationes Jacobi Emmenessii. Cum indice Erythraei  Sp Coll Bh3-g.9-11 View
Ja.s Malcom Theo AQ92Massillons Serm: vol 2d Mr Moor 15 Dec 1762 4 Jan 1763 ViewMassillon, Jean Baptiste, 1663-1742. Oeuvres ... Sp Coll Bk9-l.16-28 View
Ja.s Moore N. Phi AI55Hederici Lexicon Mr Williamson 16 Dec 1762 7 Jan 1763 ViewHederich, Benjamin, 1675-1748. Lexicon manuale Graecum ... in tres partes, videlicet hermeneuticam, analyticam, et syntheticam, divisum ... Recensitum et plurimum auctum à Sam. Patrick. Sp Coll Bn2-g.12   View
Michael Gilfillan N Ph. [blank][blank][blank]Universal History vol 5th Mr Anderson 16 Dec 1762 28 Dec 1762 ViewUniversal History. An universal history, from the earliest account of time. Compiled from original authors; and illustrated with maps, cuts, notes, &c. with a general index to the whole. Sp Coll Bl10-f.22-24; Sp Coll Bl10-g.1-17 View
John Rose Theo CK412Neal's History of P. vo 2d Mr Leechman 21 Dec 1762 28 Dec 1762 ViewNeal, Daniel, 1678-1743. The history of the Puritans or Protestant non-confomists, from the Reformation under King Henry VIII. to the Act of Toleration under King William and Queen Mary. With an account of their principles ... and the lives and characters of their most considerable divines. Sp Coll Bk3-e.12-13 View
James Brydin N Ph. S45De challes Cursus M. 1.st Mr Moor 21 Dec 1762 5 Jan 1763 ViewChalles, Claude-François Milliet de. Cursus seu mundus mathematicus. Sp Coll Bm1-b.4-7 View
James Lourey Moral CC23Stillingfleet's Orig. Sacrae Mr Smith 21 Dec 1762 5 Jan 1763 ViewStillingfleet, Edward, 1635-1699. Origines sacrae: or, a rational account of the grounds of natural and reveal'd religion Sp Coll Bh8-d.12 View
Joseph Little N Phi. AI315Sulust in Usum Delph Mr Moor 22 Dec 1762 5 Jan 1763 ViewSallust, 86 B.C.-34 B.C. C.Sallusti Crispi quae extant. In usum ... Delphini, diligenter recensuit, et notulas addidit Daniel Crispinus Sp Coll Bn3-g.14   View
John Rogers N. Phi X39Seneca's Works folio Mr Moor 22 Dec 1762 5 Jan 1763 Seneca. View
Joseph Little N. Phi. BA12Pemberton. Newton Phi. Mr Anderson 22 Dec 1762 5 Jan 1763 ViewPemberton, Henry. A view of Sir Isaac Newton's philosophy. Sp Coll Bi10-e.4   View
Sam: Morrial Theo: BB124Burneti Terra Hea Sacra Mr Trail 22 Dec 1762 4 Jan 1763 ViewBurnet, Thomas, 1635?-1715. Telluris theoria sacra: orbis nostri originem mutationes generales, quas aut jam subiit, aut olim subiturus est, complectens. Sp Coll Bn5-k.15   View

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