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Important Notices

The DRAMBORA Consortium is made up of two European projects, the Digital Curation Centre and DigitalPreservationEurope, together comprising a total of twelve partners (the "Partner Institutions"). DCC is made up of partners from the University of Edinburgh, the University of Glasgow, the University of Bath and the Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils. DPE consists of partners from the University of Glasgow, Vienna University of Technology, Danish State and University Library and National Media Archive, the National Archives of the Netherlands, the Czech Republic National Library, Italian General Directorate for Library Heritage and Cultural Institutes, Fondazione Rinascimento Digitale, Vilnius University Faculty of Communication and FernUniversität in Hagen In these notices references to the "DRAMBORA Consortium", "us" or "we" shall mean the Partner Institutions acting together for the purposes of the DRAMBORA Consortium.

The information, guidance and materials on the DRAMBORA Consortium website are provided subject to the following legal notices. Please ensure that you read the notices carefully as use of the DRAMBORA Consortium website constitutes agreement with the terms of the notices.

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Use of Your Personal Data

The DRAMBORA Consortium is committed to safeguarding the privacy of our users while providing the highest possible quality of service. The DRAMBORA Consortium is not a legal entity but consists of twelve partners (please see above), which are legal entities. Should you wish to access any information that the Partner Institutions store about you, please write to the relevant institution at the addresses published on their respective project's website ( or If you are unsure which institution to contact please email for further details.

Collection of Information from our Clients

In order to allow you to download the DRAMBORA toolkit, we need to know certain personal information (for example, your e-mail address). This may be used to contact you to obtain feedback on your use of the DRAMBORA toolkit or to inform you of latest developments or releases. The information may be transferred between the DRAMBORA Projects' Partner Institutions but only for the purposes of the DRAMBORA Consortium. We will not sell, rent or trade any personal information you provide to us.

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Copyright, Use and Liability

The DRAMBORA Consortium makes certain statements and claims with respect to the materials we make available via electronic means. Except where an alternative statement or claim is explicitly made in the document or accompanies the material, the following statements are applicable to the material:


The DRAMBORA Consortium aims to make a large amount of its material easily available under a Creative Commons licence (for further information about Creative Commons see Where this is the case you will see the following logo:

Creative Commons License

Except where there is a statement that an alternative Creative Commons licence is being used, materials with the Creative Commons logo will be made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial ShareAlike-licence 2.5 Scotland. Click here for a summary of its terms.

Where Creative Commons is not mentioned normal copyright rules will apply. In this case, unless otherwise acknowledged, all material will be copyright of the DRAMBORA Consortium (which in this context shall mean one or more of the Partner Institutions).

Statement of Acceptable Use

Educational institutions may reproduce and distribute material for educational use provided credit is given and the copyright notice is retained on any copies made. Commercial use of these materials is prohibited without prior written permission. Where material has been made available under a Creative Commons licence the terms of the relevant licence relating to use shall apply instead.

Whether the normal copyright framework or a Creative Commons licence apply, where use is being made of DRAMBORA Consortium content we would be grateful if you would take a moment to notify us of such use in order to assist us in assessing our impact. Please address such notifications to We also ask that the name of the DRAMBORA Consortium not be used in advertising or publicity without specific prior written permission.


While reasonable endeavours will be made to ensure that the information contained on the DRAMBORA Consortium website is accurate at the date it was written or added (whichever is most appropriate), we do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of such information and reserve the right to vary without notice any material placed on the DRAMBORA Consortium servers. The DRAMBORA Consortium and the Partner Institutions are not liable for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from the possession, publication or use of or reliance on that information. In particular the DRAMBORA Consortium and the Partner Institutions are not responsible for any information on the website that is provided by third parties or for the content of any other website from which you have accessed this website or to which you may hyperlink from this website.

The contents of the DRAMBORA Consortium website should not be construed as legal advice. If in doubt you should speak to your professional advisor.

Opinions expressed on DRAMBORA Consortium website are those of the individual author and do not necessarily represent the views of the DRAMBORA Consortium or the Partner Institutions.

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Freedom of Information

The DRAMBORA Consortium does not have any obligations under freedom of information legislation. If however you wish to make a freedom of information request of one of the Partner Institutions please feel free to contact the DRAMBORA Consortium on for assistance in identifying to which institution this should be addressed.

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Site Credits

This website was designed and built by HATII at the University of Glasgow. Lead developer was Andrew McHugh, with quality assurance and feedback provided by Perla Innocenti, Raivo Ruusalepp, Brian Aitken and many more colleagues and staff within the Digital Curation Centre and DigitalPreservationEurope.


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